Visiting Prambanan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Prambanan Yogyakarta Java Indonesia
Prambanan is a massive Hindu Temple outside of Yogyakarta on Java, Indonesia and is an UNESCO Heritage site. It is seen as one of the most impressive remaining temples from Java’s Hindu culture. If you ever find yourself on Java, Indonesia you should definitely make it to Yogyakarta to see this impressive temple. It is most often paired with a visit to the largest Buddhist monument in the world, Borobudur. I suggest you do these on separate days when you are in Yogya otherwise you get sick of temples by the time you make it to Prambanan and are not able to appreciate it in all its glory.
Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia

Getting There

  • You can take bus 1A from Malioboro Street in Yogya. Catch bus 1A from one of the 3 stops along this road or ask your hotel/hostel the closest bus stop to get you there. It costs 3600 RP one way and takes around 45 minutes to get out there. When you get on let the driver know your going to Prambanan and they will make sure you get off at the right place. When you exit the bus stop cross the road and turn right. Walk about 500 meters and you will be at the entrance.
  • Another alternative would be to hire a car for the day (this will cost around 400,000 RP) and use it to see Borobudur as well. You can also stop at one of the Kopi Luwak Plantations that are all around the temples. This is the best way to do it if you are only in Yogya for short time because you can see a lot of the surrounding area in one day and go at your own pace. This is just more expensive than taking the bus (obviously).
  • You could also book one of the bus tour packages. These are generally sunrise packages, so you will be picked up around 3 or 4 AM from your accommodation and be taken to Borobudur for the sunrise. Afterwards you will go to Prambanan. These can be expensive as well (around 500,000 RP) and are quite crowded, so if you don’t want to catch the bus I would suggest just hiring a car and driver for the day over booking one of the bus tours.



You have a few options for tickets. You can buy a single ticket for Prambanan, a combo ticket with Borobudur included, or a discounted student option. If you have a student card definitely bring it! They may ask you to log in to your schools website to prove your a student, but it is definitely worth a try to get the discount.
Go to this link to get the most up to date ticket prices.

Visiting Prambanan

The temples of Prambanan are believed to be the proof of love between Bandun Bondowoso to Princess Loro Jonggrang. They represent the remaining examples of Java’s period of Hindu culture. They are considered one of Indonesia’s most impressive examples of Hindu art.
 Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia
Legend has it that there were once a thousand temples stand in the area, but due to an earthquake in the 16th century (and the subsequent treasure hunters and locals searching for material) most of the temples are gone now. However, there are initiatives to restore the temples to their former glory and to preserve the history of Hindu culture on Java.
Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia
The main temple
Walking through Prambanan it is easy to imagine what the area would have looked like hundreds of years ago and its quite humbling to walk through the grounds of this ancient temple.
When you get to Prambanan you walk through the entrance and are immediately taken aback by the gorgeous surroundings. The first temple you go to is the main one and is absolutely massive.
Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia
View of the temple from the path around the outside
Be sure to walk around the path that goes around the outer edge of the main temple. You will get stunning views of the temple and it is not crowded at all! It’s also a great place to sit on the grass and have a little snack.
Next there are 3 more temples that you can walk to. The furthest one is probably about 1km away from the main temple. The first temple you will come across is quite a bit smaller, but still nice. When I was there the second temple you come across was under constuction, so I can’t tell you what that one is like. Now the third temple is the one you want to go to. It’s called Candi Sewu and is huge.
Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia
The much quieter Candi Sewu
It’s not as large as the main temple, but its still a large place to wander around and when I was there it was deserted! The main temple is PACKED with people, but Candi Sewu was completely empty except for me and the gardener.
Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia
Candi Sewu
Walking around the ruins of this temple I got chills imagining what it would have been like 100s of years ago.
Prambanan Yogyakarta Java Indonesia
Required jumping photo after walking around the temple all day 🙂

Have you ever been to Prambanan before?

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 Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia Prambanan Yogya Java Indonesia

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