How to get Free or Cheap Accommodation

How to get cheap or free accommodation:

  1. Couchsurfing: This is a great way to find free accommodation all over the world. Most of the time you will be sleeping on a couch, floor, or air mattress. Most hosts are absolutely lovely and just want to talk and show you around their city. However, there are weirdos out there so make sure you read the reviews! Especially if you are a woman traveling by yourself. Look for hosts who have solo-female travel reviews to get a better idea of what it will like to be staying there. Remember, if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe just LEAVE. Trust your instincts.
  2. Airbnb: Great way to rent rooms or entire houses/apartments when you go to a city. I have used this to book an apartment for 8 people in Austin, Texas, a “Brewstel” (hostel over a brewery) in West Virginia, and a room in a small farmhouse in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. All were fun, unique places for cheap! Use my code KAYLAA1466 to get 20USD off your first stay! Then get your own code when you sign up and start getting people to sign up to earn money towards your own bookings. Or just give out my code 🙂 I won’t mind.
  3. Hostelworld: This is just a website/app that has a ton of hostels all over the world that you can book. This is the app that I use for most of my bookings because all of the reviews are completely legitimate. You can only review the hostel on hostelworld if you have actually stayed there. Also it gives the demographic information of the reviewer, so I tend to trust the ones that are solo-female travelers because if they give a good review of a hostel then I know I will probably feel safe there as well.
  4. Friends/Family: While this one may seem obvious, I have to include it in the list. This saves you so much money on accommodation and food! You also get to catch up with people you may have not seen in a long time and it’s always nice to see a familiar face while on the road!



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