Getting Around without a Taxi

Getting Around Without Using a Taxi:

  1. Almost Everywhere:
    1. Uber: Can be used in most countries. Use my code 7p4rbue when you sign up to get your first ride FREE.
  2. Europe
    1. Flixbus: I cannot recommend this enough! So cheap. Good wifi. Easy to book at the last minute. Used this all over Europe and never had any problems. It was so much cheaper than trains, since I book everything 1-2 days in advance. If you plan further in advance, trains are much nicer and can be cheaper.
    2. 9292 App: If you are ever in the Netherlands this app is a lifesaver! Just enter your start and end destinations and it will give you your entire itinerary for public transport. It will even tell you what platforms to go to in the train station! This helped me so much when navigating the Netherlands confusing train system.
  3. USA
    1. Lyft: I believe this is mostly only in America. Use my code KAYLA228413 when you sign up to get your first ride FREE.
  4. Southeast Asia
    1. Grab: Amazing for most of Southeast Asia! SO CHEAP compared to taxis and you won’t get scammed 🙂 Also they have an option to order a motorbike for even cheaper. I’ve used this all over Southeast Asia and have saved so much money. Use this link to sign up for grab to get a discount on your first ride!
    2. Go-Jek: This can be used all over Indonesia. I would definitely recommend if you don’t mind riding on a motorbike. The price is roughly the same as Grab, but there tends to be more Go-Jeks available when you’re in a big city.


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