5 Beautiful Places to Run in Singapore

Singapore is known for its stunning architecture, but the city has done an amazing job of incorporating nature and public parks throughout the city. I love going for runs in the early morning to see the city come alive. So here are some runs (and one hike) that I did when I was in Singapore!
Okay this one was a hike, but if you are more of a long distance runner than I am then you can easily run this. Its about 14 km long, so I decided to do this as a peaceful hike. The route takes you through 4 parks with some amazing views of the city. You go over the Henderson Waves Bridge which is an architecturally stunning bridge that is very popular at sunset (also beautiful at sunrise if you want to wake up extra early). There is also a canopy walk that takes you through the tree tops where you may even see a monkey!
How to get here: Harbourfront MRT or Kurt Ridge MRT. You can start at either station to go from one end o the other. Once you are in the parks and on the Southern Ridge route the signs are very clear in telling you where to go to get to the next park. Getting to the start from the MRT is not as clear. Here is a google maps link to the route so you don’t get lost!
Canopy walk during the Southern Ridges Hike
These are absolutely beautiful gardens to go for a run in. Make sure you go early or else you will be dodging tourists the whole time. Completely free to go in, but if you would like to take a walk through the Orchid Garden bring $5 with you for a nice break in the middle of your run(free if you are a student).
How to get there: take MRT to the Botanic Garden stop
Singapore Botanic Gardens
This one is a bit further out from the city center, but well worth it if you want to see an area of the city not as many tourists go to. Gorgeous gardens to go running through. Run up to the top of the 7 story Chinese Temple to get a nice view of the surrounding area.
How to get there: MRT ride and you get off at the Chinese Gardens stop.
View from the top of the 7 story temple in the Chinese Gardens
Make sure you start this one before 10 to avoid the crowds of tourists. Start at the colorful Clarke Quay and follow the canal to boat quay and finally end up at the Merlion statue. Lots of places to stop to take a photo and get that perfect instagram picture!
How to get there: MRT stop Clarke Quay
Colorful Clarke Quay
Absolutely a must! Stunning park right by the bay and you get a beautiful view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel as well. Arrive about 10 minutes before sunrise and take a stretching break to watch the sunrise from one of the platforms. After watching the sunrise follow the river that runs through the middle of the park to see if you can catch a glimpse of the otters that live there.
How to get there: MRT stop Bayfront
Otters at Gardens by the Bay
Otters at Gardens by the Bay
 What are your favorite running spots in Singapore? Did I miss any?

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