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Hiking, Hitch Hiking, and Tea Plantations in the Cameron Highlands

BOH Tea Plantation View Point

My first full day in the Cameron Highlands was beautiful, serene, and… slightly terrifying. I started the day with the intention of hiking up Brinchang Mountain (also known as Trail 1 in the Cameron Highlands), but I woke up to pouring down rain early in the morning. I decided to not do this challenging hike, since I’d heard that it …

Borobudur Buddha

BOROBUDUR – The Largest Buddhist Monument in the WORLD

If you are in Yogyakarta (or just Java), seeing Borobudur is a must! Borobudur is the largest Buddhist Temple in the world and is absolutely stunning to go see. However, it is a bit expensive for non-Indonesians so make sure you budget accordingly  There is a student discount, so if you have a student card be sure to bring it with …